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Our Rugs

Our Rugs add a fun accent to your child's room with exclusive Canadian Made products. These rugs can be ordered for you in almost any size.  Most common sizes for children's rooms are 4X6, 5X7, 6X8, and 8X10.  However sizes from as small as 2 feet by 4 feet up to any custom size that you need are available.

First, choose your fabric from Standard Pile,  Shag,  Premium Pile, Urban Shag, Verona and many more. Then choose your pattern and number of colours you want in the rug.  Customize your selection with the addition of a carved detail or and a custom name or message added to many rugs.

To reduce allergens,  all the rugs are 100% Nylon and are finished with a soft felt backing so they won't scratch your floors. Edges are sewn with binding to ensure long life and quality.

We recommend that you vacuum regularly to keep the original look and feel. Ask us to see some rugs in our store that have been on the floor for 5 years and more.  They still look and feel brand new.  The rugs are quite stain resistant and spills may be spot cleaned with a mild soap and water and we suggest professional cleaning annually. 

 Samples of Available Rugs (see complete details in store):

Decorating with Rugs

What size should my area rug be??

Use a rug to define the space.  Using too small a rug will make a small room look even more cramped because your eye automatically defines the space by the area of the rug, not the actual area of the room. Choose a rug that leaves about 18 inches up to two feet of bare floor at the edges.  If your bed is not centered in the room, centering the rug under the bed may work, or may look awkward.  As an alternative, use two or three smaller rugs to define the space instead.  Perhaps one on each side of the bed and a third at the foot of the bed.  Ask us to help decide what might look best in your space.

Samples of Available Rugs
(see complete details in store):